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mv.EVERYWHERE.dvd : 60分鐘漫遊無國界聲與影地域

音樂 Music
香港Hong Kong: The Darlings, Weekend, Primary Shapes
台北Taipei: 自然捲 Natural Q, Echo
廣州Guangzhou: 沼澤The Swamp, [A] 東京Tokyo: mondialito

影像 Video
香港Hong Kong: 許仲賢Eric Hui, 鍾偉權Chung Wai Kuen, 潘焱森Poon Yick-sum, 馮偉Ernest Fung , Don’t Believe In Style
廣州 Shanghai: 姬曉Despairada
星加坡Singapore: sookoon ang

聯合出版A Project by 香港藝術中心Hong Kong Arts Centre 89268
發行Distributed by the PANIC in association with Love Da Records
各大影音店有售 Available at all music and video stores


  • shanghai avant la pluie – sookoon ang
    音樂 music avant la pluie – mondialito
  • My good time – 鍾偉權Welby, Chung Wai Kuen
    音樂 music小蘋果 -自然捲natural Q
  • You Can Do Anything -潘焱森Albert Poon
    音樂 music You Can Do Anything – Weekend
  • 城市遊誌 Travelling Cities – 馮偉Ernest Fung
  • Blue – EVERYWHERE – Primary Shapes
    音樂 music Blue I & II – Primary Shapes
  • 400 Years -潘焱森Albert Poon
    音樂 music recycle – Echo迴聲樂團
  • Question – The Darlings
    音樂 music Question – The Darlings
  • 未臨incoming – 文雅Gray & 姬曉Despairada
    音樂 music 未臨incoming – [A]
  • a letter from BOKA – Boka
  • 驚惶 Fear – 姬曉Despairada
    音樂 music驚惶 Fear – 沼澤The Swamp

Video:400 Years by 潘焱森Albert Poon
Music:Recycle by Echo

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