謝謝大家今天來為西皮和小慈(本團造型師)的愛情作見證,特別是符合dress code的俊男美女,我愛你們!因為手邊沒有今晚的照片,先放一張他倆的合照作氣氛,今天有好幾個朋友幫我們拍了很多照片,會陸續放上來讓大家回味。當然還有西皮求婚片段的影片!

順便提醒,之前說5/7會發生的最屌事其實就是西皮求婚,但因為怕明天下雨改到今天在The Wall。如果專程想跑去新竹看屌事的不要白跑一趟,但精彩表演還是一定會有的!

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  1. to: Shipy,
    you are a real man! I appreciat you and very happy to together as a family.
    now I very worry about one thing that if I come back to Taiwan, my mother will ask me to marry…..
    i really very afraid to face this issue…

  2. To 郭熊:

    I’m so glad to recieve the message from you!
    The marriage date will be in the next year, but this year we’ll get engaged at about Oct.
    We are looking forward to see you back to taiwan to tell us all thing happened in 紐西蘭.

    btw. Your parents (the’ll be my parents soon) say they’re coming up to taipei again while you come back to taiwan…

  3. i want to congratulation for my older sister and shipy. i love you both !! tell me when will be your marriage’s date?
    i will come back to Taiwan to join this happy date!!

  4. i miss u guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shipy&小慈, i’ll get u a very gd wedding present when jackie&i come to taiwan in late July!!!!!!!!!!
    pochang told me on the night b4 the wall,
    so i know u keep practising beside him hhahahahahaha
    for no doubt
    it’s absolutely a very great news in the year!!! so romantic!!!!
    wth all my best wishes to u and everyone of echo!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait for the hot summer (time to meet u guys & taiwan) 😛

  5. 嗯嗯!!真的是大成功沒錯!!