Take a Shine (Live session)

feat. 侯志堅 Chris Hou

It hit me again
The crush on you coming out of nowhere
Is this your name?
Are you an angel or a devil instead?
No matter how I try to comprehend
There is no way I can get away
The seed that we shed
Eventually grows to the fate that we share

Whatever you say
Through each path that you roam,
I take a bit of shine to you

Every breath that you seize,
As the tears start to fall,
I take a bit of shine to you

In the whispers I share,
In the places unknown,
My trembling love starts to bloom.

In the masks that I wear,
The secret I fold
I take a bit of shine to you

It hit me again
A dance duet of joy and disgrace
But I just can’t pretend
This captive soul
That’s eager to break
No one is right, to win this game
Gonna be a victory that’s so hard to take
It hit me again
Only this time, it’ll come to the end


詞 Lyrics | 吳柏蒼 Pochang Wu
曲 Composer | 回聲樂團 Echo

Vocal | 吳柏蒼 Pochang Wu
Acoustic Guitars | 羅尹均 Ian Luo
Keyboard | 侯志堅 Chris Hou / 吳新逸 Shipy Wu
Synth | 邱文彥 Wenyen Chiu
Drum mashine | Chunyo Mu
混音工程師Mixing Engineer | 魏駿 Wei Chun

導演 Director|余陳皓 Hao Yuchen
攝影 Cinematographer|余陳皓 Hao Yuchen / 詹子徹 Tsuche Chan
助理 Assistant|張尹齊 Yin Chi Chang
剪接 EDITOR / 調光 COLORIST|余陳皓 Hao Yuchen
平面攝影 photographer|周柏辰 Bochen Chou
彩髮Make Up|陳思穎 Bennie Chen / 盧羿伶 Yi Ling Lu

特別感謝 :
器材協力|SBD Taiwan 沛力好物
場地協力|Ruins Coffee Roasters 廢墟湖村店